Mid Century Modern style coffee table, Handmade by Wood & Wedge. Featured here with American Oak legs and an Australian Ash top with a feature board of Redgum. Available in three sizes ranging from 900mm in diameter to 1100mm. Custom sizes can be made, just let us know!



Round Coffee tables are made from FSC Certified American Oak from the Birregurra Timber mill, but are also available in Otway Blackwood and Recycled feature grain Messmate. Our Blackwood is harvested in accordance with Vicforest via selective falling and coup recovery, and our Messmate is recycled from dismantled buildings from around our local area.



Our Round Coffee Tables have been finished using OSMO OIL, this is a naturally derived Oil & Wax product. Hand applied and buffed into the grain on the timber.


The Makers

All of our Round Coffee Tables are made by Will at Wood & Wedge in Gippsland, Australia. These are a stocked item, though when out of stock, the average lead time is 4-6 weeks.


Warranty & Care

Wood & Wedge furniture comes with a two year structural warranty, and if anything unfortunate was to happen to our piece, we are happy to assist in repairs to restoration.



Round Coffee tables are 450mm in height and come in three sizes, 900mm diameter, 1000mm diameter and 1100 diameter.

Round Coffee Table

  • Even after a tree has been turned from wood into timber, it is still considered a living product. As the temperature and weather changes, so does the cellular structure of the material. It is normal and unavoidable for furniture products to breathe, move, warp and respond to their changing environment. That is why all furniture made by Wood & Wedge has been refined and designed to allow for these movements.


    To best care for your furniture, is to keep it comfortable and stable. Fine indoor furniture will retain its lustre outside in the rain and blistering sun, as will a chopping board in a dishwasher or left in the sink. By caring for your furniture it will not only last much longer, but still look as good as they day your bought it into your home.


    The best way to clean any of our furniture is with a warm soapy cloth, Dry wet surfaces with a soft towel.


    We encourage the use of OSMO and other Natural Waxes, not only as a better option for the environment (compared to varnishes and other nasty Volatile compounds); But as a maintainable finish. All the best furniture from the past requires care and maintenance. At any time you feel as though the finish on your goods has lost its lustre, it is simple and enjoyable to apply another thing coat of OSMO or even Beeswax onto our handmade goods.        


    Just like Wooden Toys from yesteryear, our furniture is made to be fixed. Just another responsibility we have to the environment, if anything has been broken or damaged on our furniture; we are happy to assist you in its repair or rejuvenation.

  • If you are not satisfied with your product or purchase, Wood & Wedge is happy to assist in the return of any undamaged goods within 30 days of receiving our goods.