Made from GOTS certified organic cotton with a touch of spandex for extra comfort and durability. These Wood & Wedge shirts are a very well designed and made product courtesy of Ranger Workwear in Bellbrae, Victoria.


I first contacted the deisgner Jess, through a mutaul contact, and have been very pleased with the product that she has prodived us with. We now stock these work shirts not only for our selves but also as Wood & Wedge Merchandise. 

Very comfortable and very breatherable, I we literally dont wear anything else. These are custom made for us in Bellbrae and are a proper Australian made local product. We aim to always have them in stock so once ordered they will come to you very quickly!

Our price included Australia wide delivery!


The model of shirt is called the 'Steve' Shirt and is more information is available on their website.



Organic Wood & Wedge Shirt