Wood & Wedge is dedicated to considerate design, sustainable harvesting and high quality craftsmanship.

With a degree in Industrial Design and two years logging hardwoods in the Otway Ranges, Will Butler started Wood & Wedge with a goal in mind; to create bespoke handmade products from beginning to the end.


To achieve this, Will carries out the harvesting, machining, design and production of all pieces produced. With each piece handpicked and tailor made, the final product carries with it a personal narrative of its journey from the forest to its end user.


The timbers used are sourced sustainably without machinery or logging equipment. 


Whether it has been milled and harvested under the practice of Low Impact Forestry or recovered as a blow down after storm. The timber is locally sourced in the Otway Ranges and utilised for its most suitable application. 

With a forestry produce license, the timbers obtained are legitimately sourced and permitted by Vicforest.  


With the logging and harvesting performed in the local Otway Ranges, all machining, design, production and finishing processes are carried out in the Wood & Wedge workshop in Flynns Creek, Gippsland.


Meetings and visiting can be organised by appointment only.

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